Customer Service Skills Survey
The free Customer Service Skills Survey consists of 10 questions targeting high priority customer service skills areas. These areas were identified through professional association surveys, needs analysis, competency modeling, and rigorous field testing.

No login required and It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and see the results.

How to take the survey:

  • An individual can take it to assess their own skill development needs.
  • A supervisor or manager can answer the questions about an individual or an entire team.
  • Someone conducting a needs assessment can interview a stratified random sample of individuals about their performance, or interview a supervisor or manager about an individual or team.
  • New option: Up to 100 team members can take the survey and view a cumulative report. Email for this option.

Survey Answer Choices:

  1. Train: Has limited knowledge in this area.
  2. Review: Proficient in some, but not all of the skills in this area.
  3. Reward: Has these skills and uses them consistently.

Survey Report:

  • The results slide print option provides a summary page for your answers to all 10 questions.
  • The results slide has a button that will take you to a page to view the online course descriptions for those areas where “train” was selected.
  • The results slide has a button that will take you to the ebook page for those topics where “Review” was selected.

Note the survey is hosted on our parent site:

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