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The online customer service training courses include both the basic and advanced skills necessary to create a culture and legacy of legendary customer service.

The knowledge, skills, and strategies developed in these courses came from professional association surveys, needs analysis, competency modeling, and rigorous field testing.

These courses are uniquely designed to serve multiple customer service positions including call center staff, inside and outside sales, engineering, hospitality, transportation customer service staff, technical support staff, and all others where both internal and external customer service is a cost-effective and valued priority.

Priority skills to know how to use right now:

Three Special Customer Service "Life Skills" Courses

These low-cost short courses include the skill sets therapists use most to calm emotions and mitigate stress.

  1. Active Listening: Alleviate anxiety and fear, prevent errors, and earn the right to be heard.
  2. Defusing Anger: Defuse negative emotions ranging from frustration to anger in three easy to remember steps.
  3. Stress Control: Effectively mitigate the negative impact of stress through each of the five stages of the “Stress Response Process.”

Colleagues, staff, customers, friends, and family need that now more than ever. Take care of others, take care of yourself.

Career Advancement through Skills Development

Customer Service Skills Courses (individual purchase or cost saving bundles)

  1. Telephone Etiquette
  2. Business Email Etiquette
  3. Trust & Rapport Building
  4. Active Listening Skills
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Defusing Anger
  7. Managing Customer Expectations
  8. Creating Customer Loyalty
  9. Stress Control
  10. Goal Setting

Cost Saving Bundles:

  • Customer Service Excellence Series (All 10 courses)
  • Our Top 5 Best Selling Customer Service Courses
  • Three Special Customer Service "Life Skills" Courses

To help select the courses that are right for you and your team, invest just a couple of minutes taking the Customer Service Skills Survey. It's free and no login or opt-in is required. Select the button or links above for more information and to access the survey.

Our customer service skills courses provide:

  • Observable & measurable skills - view client quotes
  • Tests at the end of each course demonstrate knowledge gained
  • Skills observation Job Aids demonstrate transfer of knowledge and skill back on the job
  • Courses are interactive, engaging, and easy to navigate
  • Managers, supervisors, trainers, coaches, and other leaders have access to support tools, worksheets, job aids, slides, and other materials at no additional cost. Contact us for qualifying details.

Accessing the courses:

  • New clients select the BUY Online button above to preview and purchase the courses from OpenSesame.com.
  • Current clients using a previously purchased group number select the register using a group number button. After registering on this site, select the "Student Login" button to sign in.
Create a Legacy of Legendary Customer Service
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